Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Commercial Water Damage

A commercial office building was affected by sewage back, causing the bathroom to have water damage. The contaminated water seeps through the floors of the offi... READ MORE

Damage from Roof Leak in Tabor City, NC

This business encountered water damage from a roof leak in Tabor City, NC. Notice the extent of the damage in the ceiling from the leak. This damage affected th... READ MORE

Burst Pipe in Crawl Space in Anaheim Hills, CA

SERVPRO of Westminster was called out to a burst pipe in the crawlspace Anaheim Hills, CA. It was an afterhours call but that did not matter because our team ar... READ MORE

Leaking Bathroom

Water damage is never scheduled and when it decides to let its presence known, it can come with a larger loss than expected. Like this commercial building, who ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage happens too

This location had unexpected water damage slowly spreading under the flooring. When water damage was discovered, the tenants had no way of knowing just how much... READ MORE

Flooded Breakroom

Water Damage can happen at any time. The flooded breakroom was the result of a broken pipe. Notice the extent of the water damage; the water was thought to be o... READ MORE

Commercial Ash Cleanup

As a result of an ongoing wildfire, this business experienced a lot of unpleasant ash, soot and odor. The owner conveyed to us the “idea of starting over ... READ MORE